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We are implementing a wide variety of tools and methods to measure our IBD unit performance and provide our patients with sustainable evidence-based IBD care. We systematically incorporate generalisable scientific knowledge into our local IBD care environment in order to produce better patient's outcomes


Interactive IBD dashboard is a real-time user-friendly interface visualizing current status and historical data for the Quality Indicators being monitored and evaluated in the IBD Unit on everyday basis. It gives us an ability to:

  • measure effectiveness of the IBD Unit
  • make more informed decisions which are based on collected health care intelligence
  • gain total visibility of all components and their associations
  • align strategies and organizational goals 

Our IBD patients registry provides uniform clinical data for over 5 000 IBD patients being assessed by our IBD Unit specialists. We designed, built and implemented this registry with an overarching goal to support:

  • pre-visit planning, shared decision-making and post-visit monitoring as essential components of standard of care
  • quality improvement initiatives, reporting, and professional development
  • epidemiological, clinical and multi-disciplinary research

The Promoting Access and Care through Centres of Excellence (PACE) network is the largest Canadian collaboration to improve care for Canadians with IBD. Our PACE Centre at the University of Alberta has embarked on a monumental project to reduce chronic steroid use among Canadians living with IBD. PACE will immediately elevate access to quality care, advance best practices, standardize delivery of care and reduce chronic steroid use. Together, the centres of excellence can improve patient outcomes and care for Canadians living with IBD.

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